Campaign Life

Please complete all work by midnight tonight. Note the significant campaign dates are included below. Please refer to each day of Campaign Life for a detailed promotional schedule.

Complete these 3 tasks everyday:

1. Send Thank You Emails

Send Thank You email to everyone that contributed in the last 24 hours. Personalize the template below to taste. Remember to copy

Hi {FirstName},

Thank you so much for donating to my campaign. You have no idea how much it means to me to have your support on this project. 

If you can, please share the campaign with friends/family who might be interested, that would be very helpful! Also, if you’re able, you could take a quick selfie with a sign that says “I supported _____’s Indiegogo Campaign,” and I’ll post it on Facebook to thank you again!


Your Name

2. Update Reply

Delete contacts in Reply who donated today so they don't receive additional emails from you later in the campaign.

3. Tagging Recent Contributors

If you haven't already, tag your last Facebook post with your most recent contributors ASAP. For maximum engagement, tag your donors in a comment instead of editing the original post.

Select the current day of your campaign to view your additional tasks:

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