How It Works

We've developed a  unique crowdfunding process from start to finish that completely covers all of your costs to record at our studio. Our campaigns are twice as likely to reach their goals than typical crowdfunding campaigns, and raise twice as much funding than the average music campaign.

Own Your Music and Your Future

While working with Plaid Dog, you maintain 100% ownership of your music. We believe that as independent artists, you should retain full rights to your art once it has been recorded.

What You Get

As a Plaid Dog artist, you'll create a promotional single and pitch video at our studio to help promote your crowdfunding campaign. We'll also provide you with expert marketing and support to ensure your campaign is successful. These services cost you nothing out of your own pocket. We cover all your expenses to launch the campaign and use the funds we raise to make an amazing, creative record together.


Campaign Portfolio

Check out some of our success stories below.

1. Adessa on Bay State


Campaign Goal: $11,000
Total Funds Raised: $12,315


Campaign goal reached 3 weeks early on 5/11/16.

2. Nicole Fichera


Campaign Goal: $10,000
Funds Raised: $10,475


Campaign goal reached 2 weeks early on 11/24/15.

3. The Robot Knights


Campaign Goal: $10,000
Funds Raised: $13,078


Campaign goal reached 4 weeks early on 5/27/16.

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