Artist Application

Plaid Dog Recording is the first and only studio 100% powered by crowdfunding. Our artists do not pay out-of-pocket to record at our studio. The unique crowdfunding process we developed completely covers all of your costs to make an amazing record with us. We can help you make the professional album you need to move your career forward while preserving your financial resources.

Plaid Dog artists get the following services at no cost to ensure a successful crowdfunding campaign:

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Record a promotional single.

The best crowdfunding campaign features a strong prototype. As a Plaid Dog artist, you will record 1 promotional single at our studio to get people excited about your upcoming recording project.

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Create a professional pitch video.

Pitch videos are an important component to any crowdfunding campaign. Our artists work with our professional videography team to create a personal pitch video that inspires maximum engagement.

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Work with our crowdfunding experts.

Strong content and an on-going promotional strategy is absolutely key to reaching your crowdfunding goal. Our team of experts will help you design, launch, and market your crowdfunding campaign to ensure success throughout each step of the process.


Develop your sound, grow your fanbase, and start your career.