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Mike Davidson / Owner / Producer / Engineer / Musician

Mike Davidson, Plaid Dog Recording’s owner, is a Boston based Producer-Engineer with 15+ years of professional experience, He has worked  with both established and up-and-coming musicians to create an artistic, professional, and commercially viable product. Mike’s background as a musician himself in addition to his technical training as an engineer allows him to bring a broad skill set to his projects. While he studied audio recording at Emerson College, Mike also worked as the Live Mix Director at WERS 88.9fm.Here, he had pleasure of working with dozens of local Boston artists, as well as many national and international touring acts. Since beginning his time at Emerson Mike has continuously worked to become a fixture in the Boston music community, known for quality recording and creative direction.

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Bryan Fennelly / Producer / Engineer / Musician

Bryan Fennelly, Head Engineer at Plaid Dog, comes from a family of performers. His background as a musician provided the foundation for his career as a producer and engineer. Bryan’s years of interning and freelance work at various studios in the Boston area, combined with his time spent in the Sound Recording Technology program at UMass Lowell, were formative in rounding out both his artistic and technical skills. Both personable and perceptive, Bryan runs a relaxed environment for his sessions. He like to encourage inspiration and creativity every step of the way. He and Mike have been working together since 2011.

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Nina Pelligra / Studio Manager / Musician

Nina, Studio Manager at Plaid Dog, has been managing people and serving customers for 6 years, including arts organizations such as VOICES Boston children's chorus and American Repertory Theater. At Syracuse University, she earned a Bachelor of Music in Music Industry, where she focused on choral music, vocal performance, and studio recording. Artistically, she's best known for her a cappella looper arrangements and DIY a cappella covers. She equally enjoys recording a cappella for other people and groups. Her a cappella arrangements are performed by students across the country. Her favorite things are red pandas, high-fives, and macaroni and cheese. Her musical heroes are Dave Grohl, Kesha, and Ella Fitzgerald.