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Rising Artist Talent Search Contest

As part of Plaid Dog's mission to support local, talented artists in our community, we are awarding select artists the opportunity to record an all-expenses-paid album at our studio. Working with our excellent producers and session band, we will help you develop your sound, expand your listenership, and launch your career, while you maintain 100% ownership of your music. Claim your invite by submitting the form below.

As a Rising Artist, Plaid Dog would take you through the following steps to create your project:


Step 1 : Meeting Your Producer

Behind every special record is a strong producer/artist relationship. The first step in making your album will be connecting you with the right producer at Plaid Dog who can help you achieve your vision for this project. 

Step 2: Making The Band

Plaid Dog has an amazing network of talented session musicians. Our special relationships help us cover their fees so you don't need to pay-out-pocket. You are also welcome to bring in musicians you already work with.

Step 3: Recording Your First Single

Plaid Dog will produce, record and mix your first single, which we'll use to generate interest in your project from your community and beyond.


Step 4: Crowdfunding with Plaid Dog

Plaid Dog will launch a campaign using our own unique crowdfunding process to raise the funds you need to get back into the studio with us and record the rest of your album.

Step 5: Recording The Rest of Your Album

Once our crowdfunding campaign wraps, we'll get back in the studio with your session band and make a fantastic record together!

Step 6: Creating Your Release Promotional Plan

Plaid Dog will help you create a plan to release and promote your album, expand your listenership, and reach the next plateau as a professional musician!


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More On Our Crowdfunding Process:

  • Our campaigns are twice as likely to reach their goal compared to the average crowdfunding campaigns.

  • We raise 50% more funds than typical music campaigns.
  • We've raised over half a million dollars for local, independent artists and have run over 60 crowdfunding campaigns.

Qualifications: What You Need to Apply

  • 1 demo or previous recording of your music. This can be as simple as a memo recorded on your phone.

  • Original material ready to be recorded.

  • Drive and dedication to your music.

  • An active Facebook account.